Korn - Freak on a Leash

This is about a little Security Guard...

Bad paid,tired, and even worst with a gun.Then they come, little scary creatures with only one thought in mind, things get mad to the point a man does some scat.Now I have to shoot.

Korn Freak On A Leash Lyrics


Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution


A little song for an angry green planet.A song about what is the today, what it used to be and what it will be.Enjoy the violence.
Pearl Jam Do The Evolution Lyrics


FatBoy Slim - Right Here Right Now

All begins with a little a cell...
Then it evolves, because this cell follows a strange command that gives it That Desire to Conquer the World.No matter what you get, you just feel the need to go out and look for more and more, you have an obsession that doesn't allow you to stop.

Fatboy Slim Right Here, Right Now Lyrics


The Bard Song

"Now you all know
The bards and their songs"

There are legends and people who sing about legends, the tale never will be known without those guys, so next time you ae in a bar cheer to them,cheer to them,because this world will be colorless without their work.
Lyrics: "Blind Guardian-The Bards Song"
Art & Animation: Poxpower & Magna


Zelda's Pride Force

Link want to tell Zelda...

You know the game, you know the tale is a little guy with a pointy word and epic size troubles.More Zelda based Animations:

Link vs Darklink Drama
LoZ:Princes of the Universe music video

And of course there is NG-Zelda parodies.


Zelda SNES Commercial

Link beating Ganon at...dancing.

Now, some random Zelda trivia: " Link is left handed ".Ta-daaa.

More data and Zelda commercials: Legends and Adventure - A Zelda Fan Site



I Wanna Feel

Elves, battles and excelent music.
Videoclip of the Lineage 2 game with the song "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park.


Ramones - spider man

Ramones version of the classic tv song

More Spidey stuff at MilkandCookies - Spiderman

Snail Man -Annoying People

There is a snail in my zebra.


Snailman, Snailman,
Does whatever a snail can
A walk takes a month,any size,
He will go to the Mac,he likes fries
Look Out!
Here comes the Snailman.

Is he strong?
No way bud,
But he has a radioactive nosebleed.
Take a look downhead
Hey, there
There goes the Snailman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Leaves a streak of light
He arrives past the time.

Snailman, Snailman
Friendly neighborhood Snailman
Wealth and fame
He's ingnored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Snail man.

I know, I know it sucks, but it suckss so much that is funny !!!

Also check this comic strip Rockwood: The Amazing Snail-Man and Spiderman tv show's lyrics at Classic cult television theme song lyrics.

The Marios On G4 Attack of the Show skit

Mushroom finally tackled Marios brains, and they become Boyz in the Hood, check out this skit yo.

Click the following links to get Part two and Part Three of the sketch.I would say this is a Mario Maffia video, but that name is already taken.